Discover Technopark: The Iconic IT Park in Trivandrum

Discover Technopark The Iconic IT Park in Trivandrum

Discover Technopark: The Iconic IT Park in Trivandrum

Back in 1989, the then-Chief Minister of Kerala, Shri E K Nayanar, visited the Apple facility at Silicon Valley in the United States, which inspired him to create something similar in Kerala. Hence, Technopark Trivandrum was born. The foundation stone of India’s first technology park was laid in July 1990, and ever since, there has been no looking back. Technopark is not just the first IT park in Kerala; it’s also the largest. Today, its name is synonymous with innovation, progress, and cutting-edge technology. A sprawling IT hub, Technopark has emerged as a leading force in India's technological landscape, transforming Trivandrum into a vibrant hub for IT giants and aspiring entrepreneurs alike.


What was a mere dream, became a thriving IT hub, with a skilled global workforce and a world-class IT infrastructure. With unwavering support from the Kerala government and a commitment to creating a sustainable ecosystem, Technopark gradually blossomed, boasting over 500 companies, and housing some of the biggest names in the IT industry, including Infosys, TCS, UST Global, and Wipro. It’s no longer just an office space for IT companies in Kerala or a coworking space; it has evolved to become an international hub for collaboration, innovation, and entrepreneurship. 


An Innovative Green Paradise, Beyond a Workspace for IT companies


Technopark is a guiding light for IT parks across India for its eco-conscious design and sustainable practices. It stands out not only for its technological prowess but also for its eco-friendly approach. Spread across 795 acres, the campus is designed to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology with a deep respect for nature. Lush green landscapes, wide boulevards lined with trees, and energy-efficient buildings create a harmonious work environment. 


Technopark actively promotes sustainability initiatives, including rainwater harvesting, solar power generation, and a robust waste management system. The IT park in Kerala has its own Miyawaki Forest too! This dedication to environmental responsibility has earned Technopark the prestigious Gold certification from Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). 


A Technology Park Par Excellence 


A stupendous feat in itself, this autonomous body by the Government of Kerala, is spread over four phases in Trivandrum, and a fifth one in Kollam. 


Built-Up Space

Total Area


198.43 ACRES (SEZ 31.12 ACRES)

5.61 M SQ.FT



3.72 M SQ.FT


90.02 ACRES (SEZ 48 ACRES)

2.56 M SQ.FT


389.74 ACRES (SEZ 43 ACRES)

0.73 M SQ.FT



0.10 M SQ.FT

Phase I of Technopark has 18 buildings, with a dedicated internal power distribution system, water supply network, security zone, and verdant surroundings. Of the campus’s vast land area, 31.12 acres are dedicated to Special Economic Zones (SEZ). 


Learn more about Technopark Phase I: Click here


Technopark Phase II functions as a dedicated Special Economic Zone (SEZ) campus. The 86 acres of the property have two major tenants, Infosys and UST Global. Infosys holds a lease on 50 acres, while M/s UST Technology International (P) Ltd utilizes 36 acres to develop its own IT infrastructure.


Learn more about Technopark Phase II: Click here

The Phase III of the IT park in Kerala is a mix of SEZ and DTZ areas. One million sq. ft of the IT SEZ building is LEED Gold-certified and is incidentally the largest of its kind in the state. Phase III currently has twin buildings, Ganga and Yamuna, while the upcoming flagship project, ‘DownTown Trivandrum’ by Embassy-Taurus, which is over 55 lakh sq. ft of built-up space, is under construction. This project will comprise workspace for IT companies, commercial/retail, and service apartment facilities. The project is envisioned as a micro-township with a ‘walk-to-work’ lifestyle model. 


Learn more about Technopark Phase II: Click here


Technopark Phase IV, better known as Technocity is an ongoing project that’s touted as ‘Destination Next’ for IT/ITeS and digital technology companies. The campus has both IT SEZ and Non-SEZ areas and will be home to not just IT companies, but also emerging tech/space tech/ aerospace-related projects. A micro-township project called ‘QUAD’ is also envisioned within Technocity, with 40 lakhs of built-up space and will function as an integrated township, where professionals can work, live, and play! It will come with access to job opportunities, shopping amenities, and residential facilities.


Learn more about Technocity and QUAD: Click here


Phase V, better known as Technopark Kollam comprises a LEED Gold-certified building, Ashtamudi, named after the eponymous lake whose banks the city is situated on. The building caters to various IT and ITeS companies by providing a range of workspaces. The first three floors are fully furnished and move-in ready, offering 27 self-contained business modules (SBCs). These modules range in size from accommodating eight to 25 workstations each. The upper three floors are currently unfinished bare shells. Finally, the topmost floor is dedicated to leisure activities, including restaurants and dining facilities.


Learn more about Technopark Kollam: Click here


A Hub of Opportunity: Fostering Entrepreneurship and Growth


Technopark has successfully created an ecosystem that is more than just a coworking space or a run-of-the-mill office space for IT companies in Kerala. It is, in fact, an epicentre for budding entrepreneurs and startups. Initiatives like the Technopark Business Incubation Centre (TBI) and SPARK (Society for Promotion of Advancement of Rural Knowledge) offer invaluable support to startups through incubation programs, seed funding, and mentorship. This nurturing environment empowers aspiring entrepreneurs to translate their ideas into thriving businesses, further enriching the tech ecosystem.


Explore Technopark’s Shared Services, ideal for conventions, seminars, and concierge services. 


A Technology Park that’s also a Melting Pot of Cultures


The vibrant community at Technopark is a testament to its global appeal. With professionals from across India and the world working side-by-side, the IT park in Kerala fosters a diverse and inclusive environment. This multicultural tapestry not only brings together a wealth of experience and perspectives but also creates a dynamic and stimulating work atmosphere.


A World Beyond Work


The Technology Park campus offers a plethora of amenities such as well-equipped gyms, sports facilities, shopping centres, entertainment zones, and even healthcare centres. Alongside, cultural events are celebrated often and with aplomb to ensure employees enjoy a well-rounded life and can maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life.


Looking Ahead: A Future Steeped in Innovation


Embracing new technologies, the latest trends, and the most futuristic employee as well as business-friendly policies – that’s what staying ahead of the curve is for Technopark. With a focus on emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT), Technopark is well-positioned to maintain its leadership role in the years to come.


We invite you to discover Technopark, a space that’s more than just an IT park. It signifies a vision fueled by world-class possibilities. Whether you're a seasoned IT professional seeking a dynamic work environment, an aspiring entrepreneur with a dream in your pocket, or a global corporation looking to expand its reach, Technopark welcomes you to a thriving platform. Explore the verdant avenues and bustling workspaces of Technopark, and discover a place where innovation meets sustainability, and ambition meets opportunity. 


To learn more about how to nurture your company at this iconic IT park in Kerala, click here, or apply for space here

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