Grow Your Company

In a Nurturing, Connected Space

At Technopark, you will find your perfect tech space with our range of flexible office solutions – from day one to full-scale expansion. From move-in-ready coworking spaces at our Smart Business Centres (SBCs) and warm shell spaces to custom-built offices and campuses, and land lease agreements, our tech park has something for everyone.

Easy Startup Options

The Smart Business Centre model has been designed as ready to move in coworking spaces and a hassle-free launchpad for new, innovative technologyorganizations to start in a hassle-free manner, in an environment where they are surrounded by similar young companies.

Kerala Startup Mission also offers programmes for incubation and various innovative programmes for development of young organizations.

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Efficient Scaling Options For A New Office, Or A New Campus.


Warm-shell Business Model

The Warm shell business model puts forward unfurnished space for clients. Depending on the technical feasibility partitioned area is provided as well. However, the first option always remains to rent out the entire floor without partitions. An agreement for 3 years is signed with the client. The thumb rule calculation on rent for space is Net rentable area (sq.ft.) x Rs.40.50/- (average rent) O&M charges is at Rs.6/- per sq. ft. per month.




Land-lease Business Model

In the Land lease business model, the entire land is owned by Technopark, which is leased out to clients for 30 years in non SEZ area and for 90 years in SEZ area as per the approved rate card of Technopark. The client could then bring in the required infrastructure and set up their business on the leased land.


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Custom Built Model

Technopark would lend the expertise of its engineering team to erect the infrastructure of the client building based on their approved plan on the land leased to the client for a period of 30 years in the Custom to built business model. Especially beneficial to large companies, the Custom to built business model offers a hassle-free experience through a single window clearance board approval of Technopark. The infrastructure will be delivered to client as a ready-to-move-in, plug & play facility. The entire costing will be done upfront, and an agreement will be done on the same with the client.