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Technopark is one of the earliest innovators in IT real estate and infrastructure in India, and one of India's leading IT parks.


We are located in Trivandrum, the capital city of the state of Kerala, internationally acclaimed for its exceptional performance in almost all sustainable development indicators including education, health, and social equity. We are also a bustling hub for grass-root innovation, as well as a low-attrition hub for affordable and high quality tech talent.


As a versatile business park, Technopark offers a variety of managed office spaces, coworking spaces, and ready to provision corporate real estate with the highest standards in service, quality and ease of operation. Companies we host include leaders and contenders in AI, computer vision, e-commerce, robotics and a whole host of technologies that will help shape the world ahead. With low cost of space, very high lifetime value and  high talent availability, Technopark is a dependable partner in long term success of companies we host.


Innovators and disruptors, we welcome you to come and see for yourself, how we can change the world together.


Streamlined For Convenience. Built For Productivity.

Join us here at this hub of innovative technology. We take special care to make sure conducting business at our campuses is easy as can be, so our companies can focus all their energies on ploughing forward.

Planning A Visit?

Technopark's fully online visitor management system is designed to make your entry seamless, and secure. Please use our visitor management system, accessible through web-browsers, and a dedicated mobile app.

Looking For New Office Space?

Technopark is the most important IT real estate provider in Kerala, and the center of innovative technology in Trivandrum. We maintain a queue system based on daily enquiries regarding space requests.

Wondering How To Start Here?

Technopark offers various space acquisition and setup models to start and scale businesses. Flexible models range from fully provisioned co-working modules at shared business centres to warm shell spaces, custom-to-build, and land-lease arrangements for larger campuses.

Directions, Bus, Train & Air Transport Options

Whether you're using your own transport, or better yet, using public transport, Technopark offers excellent, hassle-free connectivity.

Find Something Out Of Order?

Companies and employees are encouraged to use our online ticketing system to report and seek quick remediation to any problems at our campuses. All tickets are monitored, and tracked to full resolution. Please submit a ticket here.

Book A Shared Use Facility

Technopark offers a variety of shared-use business and recreational facilities to our companies and their employees. Use our facility booking suite to check availability and book a shared facility for your next event or business meeting.

How do you like our new experience?

We would love your opinion on the newly revamped web and mobile experiences.

Space Request & Queue

Technopark maintains the queue system based on the daily enquiries with regards to space request by clients on various business models on IT/ITeS.


Events for


Technopark is designed to support the productivity, well-being and growth of companies and their employees.


A Prime Location For Your Next Office.


Beyond being very early innovators in the IT infrastructure and real estate space, Technopark has been a key player in catalysing Kerala's business environment since the 1990s. We continue to expand and improve, always balancing public good, responsible development, and a creating state of the art infrastructure for organizations that lead today, and several more that are destined to be future leaders.


A Key Partner In Your Digital Skills Based Strategy


Technopark's low attrition rates and abundance of talent, especially in digital skills lets our companies build a resilient, dependable and affordable organization ground-up. The absolutely unmatched quality of life  - including great schools, world-class hospitals, low pollution and excellent connectivity are some of the reasons that tenured executives cite for choosing Thiruvananthapuram as they select a new city for new leadership roles.

Flexibility To Grow And Expand


We provide easy and transparent options to grow and expand within our campuses as our companies increase in size and complexity.

Co-working spaces and fully outfitted shared business centres are great options for organizations starting out. For larger organizations moving in, a  number of lease options are available to fit all stages of business. 


Strategic Advantage Of  One Of  The Best Emerging Technology Hubs Of India.


Growing acceptance of remote and hybrid modes of working and reverse migration tendances have brought about a paradigm shift in talent availability in favour of Thiruvananthapuram. 

Technopark offers high strategic value as a location outside India's major cities, with cost, talent and ecosystem advantages hardly comparable elsewhere.

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"An unlikely innovation supercenter, driven by the human spirit, and an environment that nurtures it."

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