Technopark Roars with Cricket Fever!

Technopark Roars with Cricket Fever!

TPSA (Technopark Park Centre Staff Association) Cricket League

8th March 2024

The TPSA (Technopark Park Centre Staff Association) Cricket League came to a thrilling conclusion at the beginning of 8th March 2024. After a series of exciting matches between four teams, Team B emerged victorious in the showdown against Team D.


The energy was electric as both teams battled it out on the pitch. We witnessed a fantastic display of teamwork, strategic plays, and some truly impressive cricketing skills. The competition was fierce, but throughout the league, there was a strong sense of camaraderie and sportsmanship among all participants.


Team B's triumph was well-deserved, and they were presented with the coveted championship trophy. But there were other accolades to be shared as well. Team D received the runners-up trophy, and a special "Man of the Match" award was presented to a standout player whose exceptional performance truly shined throughout the league.

Congratulations to all the teams for their enthusiastic participation and for making this event such a success. The TPSA Cricket League was a welcome return to friendly competition and a chance for the Technopark community to come together and cheer each other on. We look forward to seeing even more cricketing action in the next edition!