Technopark Goes Green: “Say No to Plastics” Campaign Launched!

Say No To Plastic

Technopark is taking a firm stand against plastic pollution with the launch of our exciting "Say No to Plastics" campaign! This initiative aims to eradicate single-use plastics from our campus, creating a cleaner, greener, and healthier environment for our entire tech family.

New Branding, Powerful Impact:

To spark awareness and engage our tech professionals, we've unveiled a dynamic new campaign brand. This brand will be the face of "Say No to Plastics" across all our communication channels, ensuring maximum impact and grabbing the attention of our target audience.


Beyond Awareness - Taking Action:

But awareness is just the first step! The dedicated Technopark team is gearing up to launch a series of engaging workshops and discussions. These events will delve deeper into the dangers of plastic pollution, equip our community with knowledge, and inspire them to embrace reusable alternatives.


Building on Sustainability:

This campaign aligns perfectly with Technopark's commitment to environmental responsibility.  We were proud to be the first IT park in the country to establish a Miyawaki forest, and we're constantly exploring innovative ways to promote sustainable practices.


Join the Community!

Let's work together to say no to plastics and build a cleaner, more sustainable future for Technopark! We'll keep you updated on upcoming workshops and initiatives through our regular communication channels. Be a part of the solution – ditch plastic, embrace reusables, and join the Technopark Green movement!


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