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Sangamam - Open Air Auditorium

0 Seating
Prices Starting3000.00

Space Information

Technopark Sangamam is a versatile and vibrant outdoor venue designed to host a wide range of cultural, entertainment, and community events, catering primarily to the Technopark community. With adaptable seating capacities, a well-equipped stage, and the serenity of its natural ambiance, Technopark Sangamam stands as a versatile venue that fosters artistic and cultural expression while connecting people with the outdoors and promoting a strong sense of community among its users. Caution: 1. Biodegradable cloth materials are only permitted for banners/standees. 2. Materials like Korean cloth are also not permitted. 3, Notice and pamphlet distribution is strictly prohibited inside the campus


(standard amenities available in the space)

*Additional amenities can be requested at the time of booking

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