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Instructional Designer

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Instructional Designer_3-5yrs


We’re a global EdTech company that provides easy-to-use platforms and high-quality content to support  organisations to ‘go digital!’. Olive Group has operations spanning the globe and has extensive experience in  delivering Education Technology projects. We offer an opportunity to transform the whole educational delivery  process into a Virtual Learning Environment, using the most cutting-edge technologies including, Virtual  Classrooms, Artificial Intelligence and Immersive Content. Digitisation is changing the world as we know it and  Olive Group is focused on helping Educational and Training organisations succeed in this fast-changing landscape.

As an award winning innovative global educational technology company that has partnered with Microsoft, we deliver a 360 degree solution to educational and training organisations.


Who we work with:


  • Multinational corporations

  • Awarding Organisations

  • Further Education Colleges

  • Higher Education Institutions

  • Private Training Providers

  • Public Bodies

  • Sports Clubs

  • Individual Brand Ambassadors

  • And much more..


Who we are looking for:


Instructional Designer - Exp  -3yrs-5yrs -Work from Office 


Develop and design courses and curriculum.


Edit and develop online learning materials.

Create learning experiences and environments.


Design learning activities, assignments, and assessments.


Create computer-based training (CBT) modules and storyboards.


Develop instructor’s manuals and other teaching tools.


Collaborate with subject experts to develop course content.


Analyse, update, and refine existing online content.


Write scripts for video and audio content.

Preferred skills

Key Attributes


Understanding of education sector.


Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism Preferably

Excellent communication skills (written, verbal and nonverbal) 


Excellent presentation skills, being able to address large groups of people confidently.


Rapport building, creating working relationships with people at all levels within an organisation, with the ability to identify and work with key decision makers.


Ability to work in a team and driven to work towards own objectives.


Experience of working with or for educational institutions and/or training providers and/or awarding organisations.


Team player – embraces and enhances the team ethos.

Excellent listening skills to understand exactly what customers require.


Excellent organisation and time-management skills.


Willingness to learn new skills, to expand knowledge and experience of accounts, with the view to developing larger accounts.