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AI/ML Architect

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Brief description :

About Techversant Infotech,


"We are a global software solutions firm providing the full life cycle of capabilities from strategy through development, testing, maintenance and outsourcing. Techversant, offers expertise and consultation in multiple technology domains like - ColdFusion, Python, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, NodeJS, Moodle, Odoo, PHP, Golang, Blockchain, Artificial intelligence, Data Engineering, Machine Learning and iOT.


What’s important to us:


We are seeking experienced AI/ML Engineers who will be responsible for developing and driving new business opportunities internationally. The incumbent will be responsible for discovering sales opportunities and creating qualified leads. Your reporting head will always be open to new ideas and encourage proactivity. If youwere to have recommendations on how they can improve their approach, processes they will welcome them.


Scope of Opportunity:


The successful applicant will understand the need to achieve a balance between innovation and the most appropriate solution for our clients. Fundamental to this role is a willingness to learn, become an integral part of the team, and adopt the languages, tools, and applications that form part of our environment. your managers will always be open to new ideas and encourage proactivity. If you were to have recommendations on how they can improve their approach, processes or technology, they will welcome them.


We know that people do their best work when they are taken care of. So we make sure to offer great benefits.


At Techversant, you’ll enjoy:


1) Excellent career growth opportunities and exposure multiple technologies 


2) Fixed weekday day schedule meaning you’ll have your weekends off!


3) Family Medical Insurance


4) Unique leave benefits and encashment options based on performance 


5) Long term growth opportunities Fun family environment surrounded by other experienced developers.


6)Various internal employee rewards programmes based on Performance. 


7) Opportunities for various other bonus programmes – for training hours taken, certifications, special value to business through idea and innovation 


8) Work life Balance - Work from home, flexible work timings, early out Fridays, various social and cultural activities activities etc.


9) Company Sponsored International Tours. 



Job description:


The ideal candidate will have experience in the latest techniques in Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning (including Deep Learning approaches). Experiences in real- time collaboration is a plus. We're looking for someone with specialized knowledge and general skills. Someone who can architect new features one day and produce optimized code the next. The ideal candidate has a strong mix of education and practical experience

• Architecture design, total solution design from requirements analysis, design and engineering for data ingestion, pipeline, data preparation & orchestration, applying the right ML algorithms on the data stream and predictions.

• Hands-on programming and architecture capabilities in Python, Java, R, or SCALA 

• Experience in implementing and deploying AI\ Machine Learning solutions (using various models, such as CNN, RNN, Fuzzy logic, Q learning, SVM, Ensemble, Logistic Regression, Random Forest etc.) 

• Strong hands-on experience with statistical packages and ML libraries (e.g. R, Python scikit learn, Spark MLlib, etc.) 

• Experience in effective data exploration and visualization (e.g. Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, etc.) 

• Extensive background in statistical analysis and modelling (distributions, hypothesis testing, probability theory, 


• Hands on experience in RDBMS, NoSQL, Big Data stores like: Elastic, Cassandra, Hbase, Hive, HDFS and Big Data 

         technologies: Kafka, Apache Spark. 

• Work experience as Solution Architect/AI/ML Architect 

• Experience with open-source software. 

• Defining, designing and delivering ML architecture patterns operable in native and hybrid cloud architectures

Preferred skills

• In-depth experience in AI/ML services offered on Amazon Web Services and/or Microsoft  Azure cloud solution and their interdependencies. 

• Specializes in at least one of the AI/ML stack, Frameworks and tools like MxNET and TensorFlow. 

• Demonstrated experience developing best practices and recommendations around tools/technologies for ML life-  cycle capabilities such as Data collection, Data preparation, 

• Feature Engineering, Model Management, MLOps, Model Deployment approaches and Model monitoring and 


• Experience with troubleshooting internal or external customer environments. 

• Excellent understanding of object-oriented concepts and Python. 

• Experience in NLP models like BERT, Transformer architectures, etc. 

• Experience in leveraging Computer Vision and OCR in document extraction use cases 

• Experience in RL, Expert system 

• Creating Functional and technical specifications for AI & ML solutions. 

• Implement machine learning algorithms in services and pipelines that can be used on a web scale. 

• Creates demos and proofs of concept. 

• Checks for an adequate level of security robustness in system designs. 

• Should be able to work with a multi culture global teams and team virtually. 

• Experience working using Agile-based principles and tools.