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Senior Machine Learning Engineer

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Senior Machine Learning Engineer - 8-10 year Experience 

We are looking for a Senior Machine Learning Engineer / Project Manager for our R&D team. This candidate will play a key role in our research and development team.

Responsibilities include:

• Working with project managers to establish objectives for AI systems

• Creating AI algorithm prototypes based on project specifications

• Running tests to assess AI performance

• Analyzing data gathered during tests to identify strengths and weaknesses of AI

• Implementing changes to algorithms to improve AI performance

• Troubleshooting and addressing problems with deployed AI to improve user experience

• Documenting all steps in the development process

• Remaining up to date on the latest innovations in machine learning

Preferred skills

Successful candidate must have the following qualifications:

• Rigorous knowledge of R, Java and Python programming to develop software

• In-depth knowledge of machine learning data structures and modeling, software architecture, libraries and frameworks to create AI that accomplishes outlined goals

• Strong mathematics skills, especially in statistics, to create algorithms

• Effective oral and written communication skills to collaborate with others and write detailed, easy-to-read reports

• Advanced analytical skills to interpret test results and performance metrics

• Creative thinking skills to come up with new solutions and approaches

• Sound problem-solving skills to refine prototypes and troubleshoot performance issue

This is a great opportunity to be part of an entrepreneurial team to solve complex problems in healthcare, insurance and other domains.