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Python Trainer cum Developer

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· Proficiency in Python programming, with in-depth knowledge of the language.

· Excellent communication and presentation skills.

· Previous experience in teaching or training, especially in Python, is a plus.

· Strong problem-solving abilities and a passion for sharing knowledge.

· Ability to adapt to different learning styles and needs of the participants.

· Up-to-date knowledge of Python frameworks and libraries.

· Patience and the ability to motivate and inspire learners.


Preferred skills

Roles & Responsibilities:

· Conduct Python programming training sessions for beginners and advanced learners.

· Create and update training materials, including presentations, exercises, and assignments.

· Evaluate students' progress and provide feedback to help them improve.

· Keep up-to-date with the latest developments in Python and related technologies.

· Adapt training methods to cater to diverse learning styles and skill levels.

· Provide one-on-one assistance to learners who require extra support.

· Organize and manage training schedules, including class timings and locations.

· Stay informed about industry trends and job market requirements related to Python.

· Collaborate with other trainers and team members to enhance the training program.



Preference: Immediate Joiners, Female, Localities Preferred