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Customer Success Specialist

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Key Responsibilities:

·        Act as the first point of contact for clients, addressing their inquiries and concerns promptly and professionally.

·        Collaborate closely with the sales and customer support teams to understand client needs and requirements.

·        Introduce and support customers in gaining in depth knowledge about our systems and the effects and benefits to their business.

·        Assist clients in onboarding processes, ensuring a smooth transition onto our platform.

·        Provide basic B2B SaaS knowledge to clients, guiding them on product features and functionalities.

·        Proactively monitor client accounts, identify potential issues, and work towards their resolution to ensure customer satisfaction and retention.

·        Conduct regular check-ins with clients to gather feedback, assess their satisfaction levels, and offer assistance where needed.

·        Assist in the creation of customer success documentation and training materials to support clients in utilizing our products effectively.

·        Collaborate with cross-functional teams to advocate for customer needs and contribute to product improvement initiatives.

·        Collaborating with clients to establish key performance indicators and aiding the customer in achieving their goals and evolving the platform to ensure continued success

·        Stay updated with industry trends and product updates to provide clients with relevant information and recommendations.

Preferred skills


·        We are looking for candidates who can roll up their sleeves, take in charge and get things done.,

·        Having a basic understanding of B2B SaaS products and services is given as an advantage.

·        Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, with the ability to explain technical concepts clearly and concisely. The candidate need not be really good with English but should be able to smart enough to learn and polish their communication skills once they join with us.

·        This is a new role for a newly developed software based solutions. Therefore, we need candidates with strong problem-solving skills. Candidates should be smart to pull themselves through critical situations.

·        Customer-focused mindset is a must for us. Candidates should have a passion for ensuring customer success and satisfaction.

·        Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment and build positive relationships with clients and colleagues.

·        As a Customer Success Specialist, you will encounter multiple issues at a time. Thus, we need someone who is proactive , who has good attention to detail, and the ability to multitask effectively.

Educational Background : Any Bachelors degree.