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Customer Retention Specialist

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Key Responsibilities:

·        Be responsible for managing the day-to-day service relationship communications with the portfolio customers.

·        Cultivate a "consultant" approach in interactions, addressing client inquiries and meetings with an expert perspective.

·        Develop and implement customer retention strategies to reduce churn and increase customer loyalty.

·        Monitor customer accounts, identifying potential issues and addressing them proactively.

·        Conduct regular check-ins with customers to assess their satisfaction, gather feedback, and provide solutions to challenges they may face.

·        Develop best practices for customer growth/renewal to ensure ongoing customer success, thereby driving customer growth and retention.

·        Collaborate with the Customer Success team to design personalized customer engagement initiatives.

·        Analyse customer data and usage patterns to identify opportunities for upselling or cross-selling additional products or services.

·        Create and deliver engaging content and resources to keep customers informed and involved with SequoiaAT.

·        Stay updated with industry trends and product updates to provide clients with relevant information and recommendations.

Preferred skills


·        We’re looking for a person who is customer focused and adaptable to different personality types.

·        Candidates need not be great at speaking English, but they should be able to prove themselves to pick up the language and polish their communication skills.

·        We need someone who is an active listener as this is a role which demands patience in taking their time out with each customer and understand each of their problems.

·        Nothing works without interest. The candidate should be passionate to understand the client’s problems and be proactive in getting it solved for them.

·        Our clients comes from all parts of the globe. So we are looking for someone who can learn how to handle both domestic and international clients.

·        Strong analytical skills and the ability to interpret customer data..

·        Familiarity with customer relationship management (CRM) software is preferred.

·        Educational Background : Any Bachelors degree.