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RPA Business Analyst

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Key Responsibilities: 

  • Client Requirement Analysis: Collaborate with clients to understand their specific RPA and AI needs, conducting thorough analysis to define project requirements and objectives. 
  • Process Design:Work closely with cross-functional teams to develop comprehensive process designs, ensuring alignment with RPA and AI capabilities. 
  • Automation Strategy:Identify automation opportunities, propose RPA and AI strategies, and develop plans for project execution. 
  • Documentation:Create detailed Process Description Documents (PDD) and Solution Design Documents (SDD) to capture the intricacies of RPA and AI implementations. 
  • Scalability Assessment:Evaluate the scalability of RPA and AI client architectures, ensuring that proposed solutions can meet evolving business needs. 
  • Team Collaboration:Provide valuable insights and guidance to project teams based on documentation, ensuring efficient project delivery. 
  • Stakeholder Communication:Keep RPA and AI stakeholders and project team members informed of project progress, challenges, and achievements during all phases of implementation. 
  • Qualifications: 
  • Strong communication skills to facilitate effective collaboration with clients and project teams. 
  • Exceptional critical analytical thinking and a natural curiosity to explore new RPA and AI opportunities. 
  • Logical thinking to uncover hidden potential within business processes for automation. 
  • Leadership skills to guide and support project teams from inception to delivery. 
  • A strategic planning approach to ensure RPA and AI solutions meet business objectives. 
  • Experience in Insurance Domain is preferrable. 
  •  Proven experience as a Business Analyst, with a focus on RPA and AI projects 

Preferred skills

Education and Experience: 

  • Bachelor's degree in Business, Computer Science, or a related field 
  • Proven experience as a Business Analyst, with a focus on RPA and AI projects.
  • Certification in RPA technologies or AI applications could be an add on
  • Preferable Insurance Domain Exposure