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NLP Engineer / Data Scientist

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·      Proficiency in Python (experience with Scala is a plus)           

·      Hands-on experience with NLP tools (NLTK, Spacy, Stanford CoreNLP, etc)           

·      Experience with deep learning frameworks (PyTorch or TensorFlow)           

·      Proficiency in handling unstructured and semi-structured data           

·      Experience with machine learning algorithms, including the ability to develop prototypes and refine them based on client feedback.           

·      Experience with a range of Natural Language Processing techniques, including text processing, text annotation, regular expressions, etc.           

·      Experience with large-scale, open-source frameworks           

·      Exposure to containerization and microservices           

·      Experience with cloud services           

·      Experience with Scrum/Agile development model            

·      Experience with test-driven development            

·      Advanced degree in Computer Science, Statistics, or related field of study or equivalent experience           

Preferred skills

·      Minimum experience of 2 years in NLP and machine learning.           

·      Self-motivated, logical thinker with good business understanding and communication skills.            

·      Experience mentoring junior teammates.           

Experience working across teams.