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Scrum Master

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The Scrum Master job facilitates a cross functional agile collaborative team in iterative technology development. Under limited supervision, this job coaches the development team of scrum principles, helps the team focus on sprint goals and to achieve their highest performance level to ensure the scrum project is successfully progressed. This job has some foundational knowledge in the specific area in order to advise on scope changes, Quality Assurance and other more technical aspects of the project.

Key Responsibilities and Duties

• Manages stakeholder expectations regarding target scope, schedule, and budget.

• Improves the scrum process and project progress by removing impediments that hinder project progress.

• Facilitates daily scrum, sprint planning, sprint demo and iteration meetings.

• Manages the development tracking system to include product and sprint backlogs.

• Monitors the progress of the sprint and helps teams estimate iteration deliverables and increase velocity.

• Prior experience working with mobile based applications

• Fosters self-organization and collaborative scrum team and shelters the team from outside distractions to keep focus mainly on the agreed sprint goals.

• Ensures scrum principles and approaches are understood correctly by the development team and stakeholders to maximize the performance of the team.

• Experience supporting 1-2 Scrum teams as the Scrum Master

• Experience coordinating any cross-team dependencies, this may include Front-end developers (aka Prototypes), UX, Content

• Experience managing the workflow of the team by reviewing all open and scheduled tasks within RTC or Jira


• 5 Years Required; 7 Years Preferred

• University (Degree), Preferred

• Preferred Education

• University (Degree

Preferred skills

Mobile based applications, (aka Prototypes), UX, Content,