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Senior Finance Executive - Subscription Management

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Management of the Subscription Billing function for a B2B SAAS platform for healthcare services. The role requires a clear understanding of online payment processing, recurring billing, standard SAAS metrics and applicable financial regulatory compliance in this area.  The role requires the adept usage of tools used to manage subscription and non-recurring payments and ability to collaborate effectively with other functions involved in the platform operations.


  • Responsible for managing subscriptions and non-subscription billing.
  • Tracking subscription revenues and also non-recurring revenues.
  • Discount and Issue management in collaboration with related functions.
  • Tracking of usage based costs of customers.
  • Verification of payment inflows against booked revenue in collaboration with responsible personnel.
  • Effective and timely reporting of key metrics, revenues, issues and risks.
  • To be thorough on the pricing plans and related configurations.
  • Management of the subscription system software and associated payment service tools.
  • Coordination with internal technical team for issue handling on platform subscription management.
  • Communication with subscription and payment system vendors for issue handling in those systems.
  • Evolution of subscription management and/or related processes to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Tracking of regulatory compliance news and updates with regard to capabilities of the payment and subscription systems.
  • Raising change requirements to management if regulatory compliance / payment system updates necessitate changes in the platform/processes.
  • Ensuring thorough maintenance of invoices, subscription orders, SOWs, agreements and any special case tracking.

Preferred skills

  • Knowledge of payment gateway processes and experience working with at least some payment gateways
  • Knowledge of SAAS subscription billing use cases and experience using subscription billing systems
  • Knowledge of financial regulatory compliance requirements (including taxes) for domestic and international payments
  • Ability to apply proper judgement and discretion in risk and issue handling
  • Good communication skills for customer communication and for internal collaboration
  • Ability to contribute with data -driven suggestions with regard to pricing and projections
  • Enforce security practices around the tools and data related to subscriptions and payments.


Degree (preferring Finance related)

2-3 years of experience required