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Role Summary

As the Product Operations Team Lead, you are responsible for managing a team of support specialists; lead efforts to upgrade our product help documentation and automate product support processes. Your role will involve streamlining and improving our support systems to enhance the customer experience and maximize operational efficiency.

To achieve this you will need to demonstrate a high level of performance on the Core Product Support Operations Responsibilities (which is expected of all team members), in addition to executing on the Team Lead responsibilities as outlined below.


Lead and Manage the Product Support Team

Oversee a team of support specialists, providing guidance, mentorship, and performance feedback. Develop and maintain a positive and collaborative team culture focused on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

1.       Ensure that all tickets requiring Product Operations handling are responded to on time, following guidelines/process and are of optimal quality to help the customer. This will require monitoring incoming tickets, their take-up and timely handling and closure. Product Ops Specialists may often need to go deep on various issues and therefore ensuring that communication and customer engagement is not compromised in the meanwhile, needs to be ensured.

2.       Demonstrate a high level of performance on Product Operations function handling yourself, serving as an example of the quality handling and responses expected. However your focus remains on coordination of the ticket handling and therefore deep technical analysis is not directly expected of you, unless necessary when short staffed or possible due to low volumes.

3.       Report on Product Operations, on a weekly basis, with proper metrics on number of Bugs, CRs, App Info, 3rd Party Issues and any other issue types captured with relevant tags. In addition to this, your report is to include identified risks, issues and process violations (if any). You are expected to fully utilize the capabilities of tools available to you to efficient produce this report, or use a spreadsheet at minimum.

4.       Improve efficiency of ticket processing with proper utilization of templates and Help content, identifying the gaps in this and ensuring that it is reported; maintaining the team guidelines updating that based on the evolving feedback provided to Product Operations.

5.       Collaborate well with other teams and functions to ensure optimal information flow required for product improvement, timely customer support and uninterrupted platform operations.

6.       Mentoring POEs (Product Operations Executives), reviewing their efforts and helping in their training, along with Product Operations Technical Specialists on the team.

Upgrade Product Help Documentation

1.       Assess and analyse existing product help documentation, identifying areas for improvement.

2.       Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including Product and Engineering, to gather accurate and up-to-date information for documentation updates.

3.       Revise and enhance product help documentation to ensure clarity, completeness, and ease of understanding for end users.

4.       Implement a version control system to manage documentation updates and track changes.

Automate Product Support Processes

1.       Evaluate current product support processes and identify opportunities for automation.

2.       Develop strategies to automate common support tasks, such as issue triaging, ticket routing, and response generation.

3.       Collaborate with the Engineering and IT teams to implement automation tools, chat bots, or self-service systems to improve support efficiency and reduce response times.

4.       Continuously monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of automated processes, making adjustments as necessary.

Drive Continuous Improvement

1.       Proactively seek customer feedback and analyze support metrics to identify areas for improvement.

2.       Work closely with the Product Management team to advocate for customer needs and provide insights for product enhancements.

3.       Establish and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure support team performance and identify areas for growth and development.

4.       Regularly review and refine support processes to optimize efficiency and customer satisfaction

Preferred skills

Skills Required

·       Excellent Verbal & written communication skills in English

·       Excellent interpersonal skills

·       Knowledge of CRM & other tools

·       Ability to multi-task, prioritize, and manage time effectively


·       Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent)

·       2-3 Years of experience in the same field