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Business Development Manager

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1. Develop and implement effective sales strategies and plans to achieve the company's sales targets and objectives.

2. Lead, motivate, and manage a sales team, which may include sales representatives, account managers, and other sales personnel. 

3. Provide guidance, support, and training to ensure the team's success.

4. Conduct market research and analysis to identify market trends, customer needs, and potential growth opportunities in the fertilizer industry.

5. Build and maintain strong relationships with existing and potential customers. 

6. Ensure customer satisfaction and address any concerns or issues promptly.

7. Have a deep understanding of the company's fertilizer products, their features, benefits, and competitive advantages. Be able to communicate this knowledge effectively to the sales team and customers.

8. Develop and maintain sales forecasts, budgets, and performance metrics. Monitor and report on sales performance against targets.

9. Work with pricing strategies that are competitive in the market while maintaining profitability for the company.

10. Evaluate and manage sales channels, which may include direct sales, distribution networks, and partnerships with retailers or agricultural cooperatives.

11. Plan and execute sales promotion activities such as marketing campaigns to increase product visibility and attract new customers.

12. Engage in negotiation with clients, distributors, and suppliers to secure favorable terms, contracts, and partnerships.

13. Generate sales reports and provide regular updates to the company's management team on sales performance, market trends, and other relevant data.

14. Ensure that all sales activities and processes comply with relevant laws, regulations, and company policies.

15. Provide training, coaching, and mentoring to sales team members to improve their sales skills and product knowledge.


Preferred skills



1. Bachelor’s Degree in any stream.

2. Strong leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills.

3. Analytical and strategic thinking for effective market analysis and strategy development.

4. Proficiency in using CRM and sales management software.

5. Knowledge of the fertilizer industry and its products.

6. Ability to travel as needed to meet with clients or attend industry events.


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