Japanese Delegation Visits Technopark

Japanese delegation

Japanese Delegation

27th Oct 2023

Thiruvananthapuram: Technopark was honored to host a delegation of 21 members from Japan, including Akihito UESADA, Mayor of Matsue City; Osamu YANAGIHARA, Deputy Speaker of the Matsue Legislative Assembly; Tohru MATSUURA, Director-General of the Industry and Economy Department of Matsue City; Toshiya KOHDA, Director of the Matsue Industrial Support Centre; Kazuya YOSHIOKA, Secretary (Policy Affairs); and Aarti DAAS, Matsue City Coordinator for International Relations (India). They visited Technopark, accompanied by members of the Indo-Japan Chamber of Commerce Kerala (INJACK) and Experion Technologies, which is based on the Technopark campus.

The delegation received a warm welcome from Manjit Cherian, Chief Marketing Officer of Kerala IT Parks, and Madhavan Praveen, General Manager of Projects at Technopark. The CMO provided an overview of the vibrant Kerala IT ecosystem, discussed Kerala IT Parks, and shared information about Technopark, including its history, growth, and the exciting business opportunities it offers.


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