Fostering unity, Embracing diversity - Japan delegation visit Technopark

Article1- Japan delegation visit Technopark

Japan Delegation

21st May, 2023

Kimball Electronics, a Global high-tech engineering solution provider has an office that functions out of Technopark Thiruvananthapuram. A panel of experts comprising of Mr. Igawa Kousaku - Executive Officer CIO and Landlog President, Mr. Joraku Satoru - VPoE, IT Management Group Vice President, Mr. Xuan Bach Nguyen visited the office today. The Platform Development Group - Senior Engineer, Mr. Ankit Hedav - Technology Development Group Engineer, Gautam Shankar- VP Operations, Binish John - Program Manager, Sumi Nair- Senior Manager HR, Salin Jose- senior project manager were among those who hosted the delegation. The delegation also met with Mr Manjit Cherian, Chief Marketing Officer of Kerala IT Parks.

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