Technopark Connects: Exploring UK Collaboration Opportunities for Kerala Tech Companies

Gita Krishnankutty from the British Deputy High Commission, Bengaluru and Col Sanjeev Nair (Retd), CEO of Technopark


On 29th Feb 2024, Technopark welcomed Ms. Gita Krishnankutty, Head of Inward Investment, South India for the Department for International Trade at the British Deputy High Commission, Bengaluru. This visit aimed to foster collaboration between UK and Kerala-based technology companies.

Discussions focused on potential partnerships and exciting opportunities for Technopark companies. Ms. Krishnankutty extended a warm invitation to the London Tech Week 2024, a premier event expected to attract over 45,000 attendees, including 5,000 startups and 1,000+ investors.

London Tech Week is a global hub for tech visionaries, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders to connect and accelerate innovation. Ms. Krishnankutty specifically highlighted the UK's interest in collaborating with Kerala's health-tech companies and those pioneering advancements in artificial intelligence (AI). She recognized India's exceptional and rapidly evolving tech talent and expressed enthusiasm for showcasing the next generation of bioengineering and semiconductor firms from India at the event.

The visit included participation from Col Sanjeev Nair (Retd), CEO of Technopark; industry leaders; Mr. Sree Kumar V., Secretary of GTECH (Kerala's nodal agency for IT promotion); and Mr. Vishnu Nair, CEO of GTECH and IT industry.

Beyond the event, Ms. Krishnankutty mentioned exclusive tours to major Centres of Excellence in England for participating companies. This visit signifies a significant step towards strengthening connections between Kerala's thriving tech ecosystem and the UK's dynamic tech scene, fostering future collaborations and propelling innovation across borders.

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