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    Grid Engineering Services
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    2nd Floor, B19, Gayatri Building, Technopark Campus, Trivandrum Kerala
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    Shiraz Ansari
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Grid Engineering Services

Company Description
Grid Engineering Services is an ISO 9001 : 2015 certified engineering consultancy expertise in Structural, Architectural, Scan to BIM, BIM Services, Civil 3D, As-Built, Dynamo development & Add in Development. We have provided leadership and support to perceptible projects across Europe, South East Asia, Middle East and India.

Our Services
Structural Drafting - Structural design drawings, General arrangement drawings, Structural reinforcement drawings and Bar bending schedule, 3D reinforcement drawing following BS 8110: 1997, BS 8666: 2005, BS EN ISO 3766: 2003 and DS EN 1992-1-1 DK NA 2013.

Architectural Drafting – Architectural drawings such as Tile layout, False ceiling layout, Block work, Fit out and 3D rendering.
Scan to BIM – We convert point cloud information to BIM models
BIM Service – Architectural and Structural BIM modelling from LOD 100 to 400, 3D reinforcement models and Bar bending schedule using BS 1192: 2007.
Civil 3D – We prepare Civil 3D drawings of Road Alignment, Road Profiles, Road Cross sections, Drainage alignment, Cutting & filling Quantity take off
As-Built – Structural and Architectural as-built drawings.

Type of Projects involved

Metro Projects – Underground and elevated metro stations, Deck slabs, Pier caps and Tendon drawings.
Bridge Projects – Segmental deck, Pier, Pier caps and Tendon drawings.
Building Projects – Commercial, Residential and Villa projects.
Special Projects – Tunnels, Sewage treatment plant, Blast proof structures, Water tank and Water retaining structures.

Domain expertise : Auto cad, Revit, Structural Drafting, Architectural Drafting, BIM Service, Scan to BIM, Civil 3D, Dynamo development, Add in Development, As Built drawings, Resource Outsourcing