Technopark Space Request Queue

Technopark Space Request Queue

Technopark maintains the queue system based on the daily enquiries with regards to space request by clients on various business models on IT/ITeS. Technopark maintains separate queue for food court enquiries and for commercial space enquiries as well campus wise.
All space enquiry request in official letter need to be submitted to Business Development, Park Centre or can mail to:- and Request client to copy mark the space request to both the email ids. The space request enquiry mail/letter should carry a brief & clear description of the business/company profile, year of formation and no: of years in the business. The request placed without valid information would be treated as void. Along with the space request submission, please capture the details in the "SPACE REQUEST FORM" attached. The LIST OF ENCLOSURES/ DOCUMENTS as mentioned in the SPACE REQUEST FORM is not required to submit at the time of space request at Technopark.
On suitable vacancy, by the queue system, Technopark shall revert back to the client and would then ask to submit all the LIST OF ENCLOSURES as mentioned in the SPACE REQUEST FORM.
Technopark space management committee evaluates the business/ company profile, verifies the documents submitted and subsequent space allocation is done.
The decision of allotment of space within Technopark Campus is under the sole discretion of Technopark space management committee.
Please Note:- The Applications which got already allotted/offered/confirmed the space by Technopark space management committee is being taken off from the Queue System. The Queue System will be updated at weekly intervals. The "not interested" by the client/ rejected applications will be removed from the queue system maintained.
For space request for Technopark Incubation facility, please reach out to Kerala Start Up Mission at the below shared link:-
For Quick Contact at Kerala Start Up Mission: