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System Administrator(Windows & Linux)

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Brief description :

  • Excellent working knowledge of operating system concepts 
  • Experience in setting up users management for a diverse environment containing Windows, Linux, and Mac OS users
  • Experience in the areas of Windows Administration & Linux platforms.
  • Quick Troubleshooting & Optimization of Server for optimal performance.
  • Experience setting up LAN, WAN and network connectivity
  • Experience working on cloud platforms like AWS, Google Cloud etc
  • Good understanding of infrastructure management best practices
  • Ability to get up to speed with having quick and self-learning mind-set and passion for operating systems and technology in general
  • Aptitude to debug issues and come up with multiple technical solutions for a problem
  • Good Understanding with Routers, Switching, DNS, Hardware & Software Firewalls.
  • Shell Scripting, Security Fixes, Virtualization, Monitoring Tools.
  • HTTP & Proxy Based Load Balancing to server huge web requests.
  • Has proven experience in maintaining high volume web applications.
  • Should have thorough knowledge to manage multiple servers. (Cluster & Masters)
  • Cloud Server Setup/Creation
  • Performing different back up mechanisms (System Full Back up, Hourly Backup for critical DB s, Mirroring) to a remote server.
  • Protect the servers from phishing, DOS and other kinds of attacks.
  • Keep the load distribution across the server in good health, and help developers in tracking rogue code.
  • Run web log analysis for various data points as and when we need them.
  • Frequently analyze log to identify suspicious behavior of the app in term of errors or unwanted usage.
  • Write automation scripts to do routine server management activities.
  • Good Understanding of Linux Security is an added advantage.
  • Ability to work collaboratively and flexibility to multi task
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision A self-starter & quick learner

Preferred skills

Should have exposure to Windows and Linux Server administration

Minimum 3 years of experience expected.