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Production Assistant

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Production Assistant (01 yrs experience)
  • Continually ensure that the most up-to-date information and tools are delivered to appropriate individuals/departments within required timeframes
  • Ensure that Client / Director / Supervisor’s feedback is made readily available to all necessary parties
  • Attend review meetings and take accurate, detailed, clear and concise notes of required revisions
  • Ensure that notes are promptly uploaded into in-house production management system
  • Coordinate regular and one-off meetings
  • Send out meeting invitations to the appropriate individuals, and ensure that all required parties attend
  • Set up telephone and video conferencing equipment as necessary
  • Prepare presentation and meeting materials
  • Manage FTP file transfers, ensure that files for upload are organized within appropriately named folders and that material transfers properly.
  • Receive incoming material (i.e. client notes, images for reference, etc…), import into network and/or tracking system, and communicate receipt of delivery to appropriate parties.
  • Log and organize relevant details to ensure that required information and materials are easily retrievable.
  • Schedule all meetings and conference calls, taking into account different time zones
  • Ensure that all appointments are attended as scheduled.
  • Update and maintain tracking spread sheets and distribute the same to relevant individuals.
  • Coordinate individual and group meal orders as required.
  • Perform general administrative duties to support team requirements.

Preferred skills

  • 01 years’ experience providing administrative support in the entertainment industry
  • Intermediate working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word)
  • Ability to follow through on assignments
  • Strong written and verbal skills and attention for detail
  • Availability to work overtime on short notice when required