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Senior Data Scientist

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Brief description :

  • Limited front row seats are available, going from a start-up to a successful fortune 500 company that builds first-of-its-kind product and services- If you found yourself in the profile, do not hesitate to apply- See you soon at TechVantage! 
  • Looking for thought leaders who can utilize computational intelligence research methods to investigate large collections of data, construct predictive models, and implement machine-learning algorithms utilizing Python/R
  • You need to be a thinker. We are looking for a very curious data scientist who enjoys a deep dive into the raw data to help figure out the right set of questions and find the answers to those questions.
  • You also need to be a doer. You will be responsible for data cleansing, transformation and creating predictive models and classifiers.
  • You need to be ambitious. You must be passionate about applying mathematical modeling to solve real world problems. You must be willing to work with a team of modelers on cutting-edge prediction techniques who knows the best practices around modeling and validation. And more than anything, you must love to turn ideas into reality. If you are the happiest when you can prove the impact of statistical models/machine learning in generating business impact, do you believe data creates better products and has a key role in product decisions? This is the job for you!
  • You need to be smart and build smart products. A big part of this job is about creating actionable insights for our customers and the business using machine learning and statistical techniques. Translate analytic insights into concrete, actionable recommendations for business or product improvement.
  • Design and build Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and NLP, infrastructure, models and applications to generate scalable and high-performance Prediction, Evaluation, Recommendation, anomaly detection, bots, sentiment insights and ontologies from structured/unstructured Big Data and domain rules
  • Determine the best AI technique for a particular customer problem in any industry domain and apply, learn, and adapt.
  • Create and validate models, deliver Proof of Technology projects using latest research and production quality components and build solutions in our Analytics labs
  • The ideal candidate will be willing to travel for short duration, as some roles may need short-term travel to client locations outside the country.
  • The selection of candidates will be based technical interviews with our panel followed by a Client interview.
  • Job Code: SDS-TECHV
  • Positions: 1-4
  • Experience: 1.5 to 6 years  
The Team

The Data Scientists team builds the algorithms and insight engines that sit at the core of the company’s value proposition. This is a team of intellectuals with high aptitude, hacker attitude, strong curiosity about data, great comfort with Math, good coding discipline and excellent communication skills.
  • You'll be collaborating with TechV’s product and engineering teams, our data scientists work on every aspect of the product and involved in all stages of the development cycle. In particular, Data Scientists will be in-charge of the following stages: translating a business problem to a DS problem, scope definition, data cleaning, explorations, feature engineering, feature selection, modeling, building prototype, documentation of the algorithm and insights. The team will also help with data collection and algorithm quality monitoring.
  • Learn and get exposure to multiple engineering areas (including Big Data technologies, DevOps) surrounded by a top-quality team
  • As a Senior Data Scientist, you would have the additional responsibility of mentoring and guiding junior members of the team as and when necessary.

Preferred skills

  • B.Tech/MS/M.Tech or Ph.D. in Computer Science, Machine Learning, AI, or related field
  • Prior experience with start-up environment preferred
  • Should be strong in Probability, Statistics, Optimization, Calculus, General Math
  • Experience with some or all of the following: data mining, predictive modeling, statistics, experimental design, computational analytics, econometric modeling,    data visualization
  • The perfect candidate will have an excellent quantitative background, will be able to address abstract business and engineering problems with extreme precision, and has the enthusiasm and initiative necessary to deliver those answers at fast growing mode.
  • Excitement & curiosity around data in general
  • “Hacker” attitude with “go-getter” mind-set
  • Strong foundations in the mathematical aspects of learning including optimization, linear algebra & statistical modeling
  • Hands-on experience in feature engineering and building scalable machine learning algorithms
  • Experience with Text Mining including hands-on knowledge of at least a few of the following techniques: Semantic Search, Information Retrieval, Multilingual Indexing, Multilingual Spelling correction, Entity Graph Learning and Inference, Probabilistic graphical models
  • Prior experience of handling large volumes of unstructured data with high diversity
  • Demonstrable familiarity with code and programming concepts.
  • A product mindset - you ask and address the most important analytical questions with a view on enhancing product impact.
  • Passionate and attentive self-starters, great communicators, amazing follow-through - you are entrepreneurial and love the responsibility of being personally empowered.
  • Python, Scala, R, Java, RDF- Except these knowledge in, Dataiku, Teradata, Domino Data lab etc. is a plus.
  • Non-linear and linear Regression Analysis, Linear algebra, optimization, Multi Criteria Group Decision Making, Neural Networks
  • Knowledge of SPSS preferable
  • Knowledge in Tensor Flow/Theano, Stanford NLP, CNTK, Keras, MxNet, AWS AI, Universe OpenAI, Caffe2, DeepLearning4j, IBM Watson, Spacy,,,, etc.
  • Good knowledge of semantic graph/ontology and GraphDB, dimensionality reduction techniques (SVD, PCA), image processing
  • Training and Validating Models
  • SQL, No SQL, Hadoop HDFS, Spark, Apex
  • Basic knowledge of Big Data stack: Spark, Cassandra, Map-Reduce, S3
  • Experience with Bayesian Learning techniques
  • Experience working with large datasets, preferably in a Hadoop or Spark environment
  • Excellent client management skills
  • Strong software design and development skills in one or more high level languages (C#/C/C++/Java/F# etc.)
  • Knowledge in at least one scripting language (Python, Perl, Ruby, etc.) is a plus
  • Proficiency in distributed computing tools like MapReduce/MPI (Cosmos/Hadoop/Spark/Hive etc.) is a plus.

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