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Define, track, and maintain standard baselines and configuration sets of all managed and/or monitored database instances and servers and implement industry best practices with regards to the following:
  1. Resource allocation and monitoring
  2. Performance problem identification and resolution assistance
  3. Clustering, replication(master-master, master-slave, multi-slaves etc.) and load balancing if any
  4. Data security , backup and recovery
  5. Data and database health practices
  6. Patch management, and System capacity planning.

 Profile server resource usage, optimize and tweak as necessary
 Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders
 Prepare documentations and specifications
Administrator  environments with Docker container orchestration using Ansible

Preferred skills

  • Strong proficiency in MySQL database management
  • Understanding of MySQL’s underlying storage engines, such as InnoDB and MyISAM
  • Experience with replication configuration in MySQL
  • Knowledge of de-facto standards and best practices in MySQL
  • Knowledge of High Availability and Disaster Recovery options for MYSQL
  • Proficient in writing and optimizing SQL statements
  • Knowledge of MySQL features, such as its event schedulers
  • Ability to plan resource requirements from high level specifications
  • Familiarity with other SQL/NoSQL databases such as PostgreSQL,  MongoDB, etc.
  • Knowledge of limitations in MySQL and their workarounds in contrast to other popular relational databases
  • Familiar with ITIL practices like Change Management, Incident Management etc. is a plus.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience in deploying and maintaining a MySQL Docker container