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Javascript Developer

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Javascript Developer (Location - Trivandrum)

A software developer with excellent skills on Javascripts and other front end technologies and popular server side web technologies is required.

Skills in server side technologies in Java are preferred.

We are not just looking for frontend web developers but candidates should have worked on full stack.

Experience is not a problem, skills are what matters.

We are a company which specializes in complex document processing with heavy math content, the developers are needed to work on developing the production tools used with the company.

If we find the best fit candidate we may even provide opportunity for the candidate to work from their preferred location provided they are ready to work full time on the companies rolls and do not take up any other employment. This is subject to the companies discretion.

Language skills are not very important but candidates should be able to communicate their ideas clearly and understand what is needed.

The work enviroment would be highly flexible and we are interested in the end result and do not believe in micro management.

Candidate should be honest, confident in the technologies required, self driven and should also have an RnD orientied mindset.

Preferred skills

  • Knowledge in Javascript
  • Self Learner