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Image Processing Tech Architect

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Brief description :

  • PH.D with 7 years of relevant Experience.
  • Strong foundation in DIP (Digital Image Processing) Science and Practical.
  • Strong foundation in DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Science relating DIP (FFT, filters etc.)
  • Capability to Publish Research papers in DIP (optional).
  • Capability to understand Research papers in DIP/ Mathematics (related to DIP).
  • Good Mathematical knowledge and aptitude.
  • Capability to find practical solutions to problems by applying the acquired (specific area in DIP) theoretical knowledge/techniques/tools etc (within academic level)

Preferred skills

  • Matlab Language expertise.
  • Exposure to Matlab DIP Toolboxes expertise and exposure.
  • Should have Open CV and C++ programming skills
  • Need to travel abroad for short term assignments.