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Technical Director / Supervisor

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Brief description :

  1. Setting up the robustic Pipe line for all the projects in 3D and give solutions on the Technical aspects of the execution of CG projects in the Studio.
  2. Ensuring that the entire workflow is technically smooth.
  3. Guide the team to follow the pipeline for smoother deliveries and increasing efficiency(Productivity).
  4. Communicate effectively with other Vender Studios to make them to follow the pipe  line and folder structure which is set for the respective projects
  5. Trouble shoot the issues if any and give solutions quickly.
  6. Explain/convince clients on the folder structure and pipe line decided by Toonz for smoother production.

Preferred skills

  • Should have at least 8 years of experience in Creative and Technical Production of international level 3D Production.
  • Should have very good exposure to latest technologies in force in the industry for achieving the desired results.
  • Should be sensitive to timely delivery of the projects under production on the floor.
  • Should be able to work effectively with Delivery Heads, Project Managers, Show Directors and Animation Directors.
  • Should have excellent technical competency and render support for quality production.
  • Should be very good at people management and mend the teams for their growth and development.
  • Should be result oriented and have excellent Leadership Quality and taking the team along for the result.
  • Should be a problem solver not problem finder.
  • Should be able to develop tools/applications to generate required reports to management.