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Graphic Designer

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Brief description :

  • Strong aesthetic sense and proven understanding of different styles. Ability to apply the right style in a design.
  • Skilled in using standard design tools to create production quality graphics
  • Ability to implement usable prototypes of a designed UI will be an advantage.
  • Must have exhibited an eye for detail and perfection, in existing portfolio of work
  • Ability to comprehend the business needs of a company or product and design accordingly
  • Someone with an inherent need to turn out high-quality designs
  • Proven experience in designing interfaces adhering to design standards for web and mobile platforms
  • Ability to articulate rationale behind designs i.e. how your designs suit the audience they are being designed for
  • Team player who works with technical and marketing teams to deliver the right outcomes

Preferred skills

Experience Level - 1-2yrs

Technical Skills – Highly competent in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelPaint, and GIMP. Understanding of HTML and CSS


Artistic Sensibility – Good understanding of color, typography, visual composition, and design is critical to this position.