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2D Digital Animators

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Lumicel Animation Studios is hiring talented and experienced 2D Digital Animators (Multiple Positions - both Mid & Senior Experience levels) for a new high-quality international animated series using a combination of 2D digital character builds coupled with strong hand drawn digital posing and traditional animation elements.


Experience required:


  • Senior level Animator: At least 5+ years work experience producing high-quality animation for 2D Television Animation Series
  • Mid-level Animator: At least 3+ years work experience producing high-quality animation for 2D Television Animation Series
  • Preference is given to candidates with major studio work experience and background


Preferred skills

Required Key Skills

An impeccable understanding of the animation principles; Staging, Exaggeration, Solid Drawing & Appeal, Shape & Form, Line of Action & Silhouette, Action & Reaction, Tension, Beat & Rhythm, Straights & Curves, Volume & Perspective etc


  1. Paying close attention to hook-ups, character personalities, staging, solid drawing, and appropriate acting choices
  2. Creating all the main poses for your scenes at the highest quality possible will be your objective
  3. You must have a sense of timing, with effective time management skills and excellent character draftsmanship
  4. Strong understanding of motion, weight, emotion, and acting, with an emphasis on clear storytelling
  5. Strong work ethic, communication skills, and a good team player
  6. Ability to work under pressure and meet production deadlines
  7. Strong technical expertise in industry standard animation software's
  8. Must have 2D character animation experience for 2D television animation series, and/or an ass-kicking demo reel

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