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ReactNative Developer

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Design and build consumer and enterprise iOS and Android mobile apps using 
React Native
Designing and developing UI architecture patterns and reusable components
  • Developing reusable UI Components or libraries.
  • Consuming data from Mobile Backend-as-a-Service platforms such as Firebase or Parse.
  • Should have experience with several of the following:
  • Proficiency writing Modern JavaScript, including ES6, ES7, and JSX.
  • Knowledge of the React Native Component life cycle.
  • Creating custom Components and styling them based on professional design requirements.
  • Leveraging community libraries to efficiently complete development tasks.
  • Persisting data for offline-first apps using databases such as Realm or SQLite.
  • Communicating over the network to RESTful or GraphQL endpoints.
  • Accessing platform-specific APIs using Native Modules.
  • Developing code using code editors such as VS Code or Atom.
  • Optimizing app performance and memory consumption.

Preferred skills

Experience : 1-3 yrs

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