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PostgreSQL/MySQL DBA - 1-2 Year Experience- 2 Nos.

The Database Administrator is responsible for the overall availability of databases and associated systems, using currently available commercial enterprise relational database management systems.

Essential Duties:

Database Implementation: Effective use of database replication, security, and availability solutions.

Database Management Provide platform-specific performance tuning, installation and configuration database

Database Monitoring: Effective use of platform-specific, as well as enterprise, monitoring tools to provide fault and pre-fault performance notifications.

The candidates should have prior experience only need to apply for the position.

Preferred skills

1. Strong problem and troubleshooting skills with the ability to think innovatively to drive issues to resolution.
2. Hands-on experience with deployment, administration, optimization.
3. Hands-on experience best practices with PostgreSQL, & MySQL is mandatory.
4. Solid understanding of query execution plans
5. Good SQL skills including SPs, PSQL scripting