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    Aten India Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
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    Tejaswani Building Technopark Campus Trivandrum Kerala
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  • MD
    Thomas Vaidhyan
  • VP
    Sunita Vaidhyan
  • Director
    Mrs. Ponnamma Koshy

Aten India Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

One of the pioneers in this field of creating 3D Immersive Simulations, Virtual Worlds & Serious Games, involved with its initial research with Universities like NC State, Virginia Tech etc, Aten creates extremely “engaging” simulations replicating day to day real life activities such as operating equipment,scenarios or human interactions, decision making or leadership situations.


Over and above the simplicity and intuitiveness of its use, the fact that these immersive simulations create a state of “flow” in the users, ensures that they are totally absorbed in the experience ! Further “learning by doing“ even if virtually leads up to a 90% retention of information.


To augment this further, our Aten Tracking & Assessment Framework, constantly tracks the users while they progress at their individual pace,  providing immediate “ formative feedback “ guiding them on the optimal/ideal way to do things and correcting them as needed. As needed it might redirect individuals to redo areas they have doubts in to reinforce the learning thus providing a highly personalized approach to training, bolstering individual strengths or weaknesses while gathering these data as well.


Since the embedded assessments are those of their “performing" the required actions/decisions in this simulated environment, it is a highly accurate measurement of their skills/competencies and yields a rich source of data whether it be for professional development or as a hiring tool !

Domain expertise : 3D simulations in corporate training and development