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    Palnar Transmedia Pvt Ltd
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    2nd Floor, Gayathri Building, Technopark, Trivandrum
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  • Manager - Business Development
    Sandip Gopakumar
  • General Manager Projects
    Harish Kumar

Palnar Transmedia Pvt Ltd

There are hundreds of companies offering IT services and products. However, Palnar is the only company in the state of Kerala, which not only has technical competence but also a very special USP namely German language knowhow. As a full-service provider, you will receive everything from one source from consulting right up to the design, technical implementation and follow-up of your project. Your project manager will be available to help and advise you at any time. Our team is comprised of almost 98 experienced specialists in the areas of consulting, design, development and project management, who complement each other perfectly during the project implementation. Over the years we have gained lots of experience with different systems and partners and improved our processes in terms of project management and quality assurance to an optimum. Right from the first minute you get access to our Creative Desk project management groupware which keeps you updated on the progress of your project.

Domain expertise : PHP, .NET, JAVA, SAP BI, iOS, Android