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    Flytxt Mobile Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
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    7th Floor, Leela Infopark Technopark Trivandrum
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    Dr. Vinod Vasudevan

Flytxt Mobile Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Flytxt is a leading Mobile Consumer Analytics solution provider for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and Mobile Enterprises across the globe. The company offers full suite of internal and external monetization solutions for increasing revenue, reducing churn and enhancing customer experience. Flytxt offers solutions with full service delivery model combining Technology, Consulting and Execution to deliver guaranteed economic impact to its customers. The company has deployed its platforms with more than 50 customers across 32 countries, analysing data of more than 500 million mobile consumers, delivering 2 to 7% economic impact consistently. Flytxt has its headquarters in the Netherlands, corporate office in Dubai and also presence at Trivandrum, Mumbai, London, Singapore, Lagos, Nairobi, Dhaka and Mexico City.

Domain expertise : Big Data Analytics