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    DeviceDriven (India) Pvt Ltd
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    Padmanabha, Technopark Campus, Trivandrum
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  • CEO & Co-founder
    Shankar Lal
  • Manager - Finance
    Arun Joseph
  • Manager - HR
    Dhanya Ganapathy

DeviceDriven (India) Pvt Ltd

DeviceDriven is a product engineering company with an established track record in building and managing products in the mobile and cloud space. Our product management strengths are product conceptualization, design and development, product marketing and leveraging emerging technologies for product innovation. DeviceDriven has created it's own innovative products such as an mHealth platform (, advanced online imaging and ecommerce platform (flauntR) and various mobile apps and games. DeviceDriven has worked with handset majors like Nokia, Qualcomm, Siemens Mobile and BenQ to bring out over 40 products across millions of phones. We enjoy leveraging our hard-earned expertise in User Experience Design, Technology and Product Marketing combined with our agile approach to create and sustain great products for startups and ourselves. Our teams, processes and culture are attuned to understand both the varied and evolving needs of product users and the real world operations required to support them.

Domain expertise : iOS and Android app development, cloud-based web application services, advanced imaging solutions, analytics