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    SCSOFT Technologies Pvt Ltd
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    Ground Floor, Leela Infopark Building, Technopark, Trivandrum
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  • Chief Executive Officer - India Operations
    Mr. Bipin Krishna
  • Chief Operating Officer - India Operations
    Mr.Awad Hamza

SCSOFT Technologies Pvt Ltd

SCSoft Technologies (Formerly known as Nocme Technologies)

SCSOFT is a technology powerhouse headquartered in Singapore with presence in India, Malaysia and Canada. Our niche solutions on Mass Transit and Banking verticals makes us stand out in the market. SCSOFT also provides 24x7 Managed IT Services to clients across the globe from its state of the art Network Operations Centre. SCSOFT is one of the prominent mass transit solution providers in the global market with multiple metro solution deployments and the recent wins.

Domain expertise : Java,C++,Android,Microsoft Windows, Linux, Exchange, Office 365, Cloud, DevOps