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    bMuse India Technologies Pvt Ltd
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    15A, 15th Floor, Leela Infopark , Technopark, Trivandrum
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    Abhijith Babu
  • Director
    K S Jayasree

bMuse India Technologies Pvt Ltd

bMuse brings to the table hands-on expertise across emerging media
domains and a production system to turn products into companies. Over the years, we’ve developed a technology stack from electrical engineering and industrial design to software programming and integration with Web services. 

We can go from prototype to scale overnight because we’ve done it repeatedly.
Our model is extremely efficient. One of the bMuse’s core competencies is the ability to accelerate product development by tackling multiple disciplines in parallel. Our wide-ranging engineering teams across the world can develop websites and apps on all mobile and desktop platforms (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows).

With offices around the world, bMuse has the capacity to innovate, develop, and build products around the clock.

Domain expertise : Website, iOS ,Android, Ebook, Desktop Apps