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    Mettle Networks Pvt Ltd
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    Floor 3, Amstor House, Technopark Campus, Trivandrum
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    Gokul Varma

Mettle Networks Pvt Ltd

Mettle Networks designs and manufactures IP Networking products for service provider and enterprise markets.

Mettle Networks' products are deployed by Internet Service Providers for broadband service delivery and by BFI/NBFC enterprises for network core functions. Its deployments include broadband policy enforcement and mediation systems, FPGA-based carrier-grade policy engines, high performance messaging systems, perimeter security and policy enforcement systems and fault-tolerant VoIP switches. Mettle Networks has a strong track record of generating intellectual property assets in IP Networking and related fields.

Mettle Networks will continue its focus on IP Networking horizontal for service provider and enterprise markets with special emphasis on ISP/Telecom, Banking and Finance and Internet-based entertainment industries.

Mettle Networks Pvt. Ltd., Technopark is its product development and R&D center and Mettle Networks Inc. California is its global headquarters.

Domain expertise : Product Development R&D (IP Networking)